Friday, March 01, 2013

Arizonan Artisan Jewelry...

While we were in Tucson and scouting the shows, we met the most delightful couple from Arizona.  They were a husband and wife team that produce stunning, handcrafted jewelry.  The husband had been trained as a silversmith in Taxco, Mexico.  Taxco is well-known for their silversmithing traditions and quality craftsmen.  His skills were evident in his beautiful work.

Initially, we didn't think we'd be able to pick up the line and kept walking the shows.  Somehow we kept coming back to the booth.  Each time we stopped by, we admired the pieces.  The line that we fell in love with is composed of pieces that are made of brass with copper and dichroic glass embellishments.  I call them, "sophisticated bling".  They have a mix of regal ornateness and organic playfulness, and remind me a lot of Christian LaCroix's jewelry.  After much discussion and blowing the budget, we decided to bring them home to Allegory Gallery!

We're excited to be able to offer them.  They've got such a nice energy to them and would look great for formal occasions or more casual ones.  They could be thrown on an intricately braided leather necklace or a simple chain and look good either way.  For statement pieces, they're surprisingly versatile!

To find out more about the Arizonan Artisan Jewelry, CLICK HERE.  They're really stellar!

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