Thursday, March 21, 2013

Parisian Inspiration...

The April selection of the Inspired by Reading Book Club is "Paris to the Moon" by Adam Gopnik.  It's the first book on the list.  I'm really excited about this project!  I've been itching to sit down with a good book and this will force me to get back behind some pages!  One of the things that makes this book club different than most is that at the end, we're encouraged to make something inspired by the book we've just read.  It can be anything!  Just as long as you make something!

To further get you in the creative mood, there's a Pinterest page!  Jenny Davies-Reazor is heading up this facet of the book club.  There she'll post inspirational images that go with the book.  CLICK HERE to visit the Pinterest page.

Don't forget that you can also join the Inspired by Reading Book Club Facebook Group!  That's one of the best places to keep up to date on pertinent information and interact with other book club participants!  CLICK HERE to visit the Facebook Group.

I also did a quick search online and came up with these very Parisian-inspired components for people looking to create a jewelry piece.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them by leaving a comment!
(From left to right:)  Antique Torse' French metal seed beads from PickleValentine on Etsy.  Stamped geometric wooden beads from LiKeBeads8 on Etsy.  Vintage Medal from TheHiddenChamber on Etsy.

Drilled French Coin Pendant from springfieldleather on Etsy.  Arc de Triomphe base metal charm from bshineandboots on Etsy.  Vintage light pink sequins from evarose1900 on Etsy.

Silver-toned base metal Eiffel Tower charms from SupSupSupplies on Etsy.  Eiffel Tower pendant from Moreskyejewels on Etsy.  Sterling silver fleur-de-lis charm from Hint Jewelry.

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Jenny said...

Oh! Somewhere I have coins from the last time I was in Paris - a million years ago it seems... and I have vintage stamps... hmm. Ideas are starting and I have barely cracked the book!