Thursday, March 28, 2013

Armored Heart...

Some days I wish I could pluck out my heart and replace it with a succulent.  They're sturdy.  They can survive even the most extreme environments.  Where other plants would surely perish, they thrive.  Their leaves are luscious and full, when others are crispy wisps.  And should something attack, they are equipped with spikes and barbs to protect themselves.  If they are broken, they multiply happily and fruitfully.  Some days I wish I could replace my heart with a succulent.

The past few days... weeks... have been a challenge.  I make an effort to have a brighter disposition.  But some days are harder than others.

Is it the bleak, gray sky?  Is it the fact that right now there is a panel of judges deciding my future and equality?  Is it the numerous individuals telling me that I'm a sinner and undeserving of fairness and my own unique pursuit of happiness?  Is it strains between family members?  Is it the lackluster performance of the store?  I imagine it's a combination of all of these factors that are contributing to my current, less than perky, state.  I am like a sponge.  I soak up all these

In the midst of all this, I received a lovely email.  The message was simple:  Focus on love.

I may not be able to reach within my chest to replace it with a desert plant, but I can redirect my energies and feelings towards love.  Love is my armor.  Love is my defense.  It protects me against harm and hurt, even when it comes from a close source.  These challenges only make us stronger.  Love is my talisman.

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paula best said... are a beautiful writer....and "focus on love" is always good advice. peace to you.......paula