Friday, July 06, 2007

Hidden Discovery...

I was trying to do a little cleaning in between resting, when I found the suitcase that I took to the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. It felt strangely heavy. I felt around the inside of suitcase and found the following goodies stowed away in one of the side pockets. I had completely forgotten that they were there!

Anne Mitchell, who makes amazing chain maille pieces, shares the history of the medium, basic techniques and various patterns in Chain Making Techniques. It's a comprehensive guide to making all sorts of chain projects, from the introductory 4 in 1 Vertebrae to the advanced Mermaid's Mesh. Also keep an eye out for her other book, The Low-Tech Bench.

The talented former editor of Stringing Magazine and author of Stringing Style, Jamie Hogsett, gave me a copy of her latest collaboration with Marlene Blessing, Create Jewelry: Pearls. This book is great! The jewelry is beautiful and the layout is impeccable. My copy is inscribed with a message, "Andrew, you're my most favorite little trouble-maker!!!" I don't know what she means.

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Cindy said...

Such a nice surprise...good timing, too. It's always nice to forget about a new treasure, and then find it when you're not looking for it.