Saturday, September 01, 2007

Birthday Party...

It has been quite an exciting day here in Asheville! Boy am I tired! Tony and Lisa of Zoa Art brought over their grand-babies and my parents came in late last night. Brian and Jenn also dropped in. The great tribe of Green Girl Studios gathered with friends and family, to celebrate Azalea turning three. After a barbecue and some very tasty cake from Picnics and Azalea opening up lots of presents (mostly Playmobil sets), we all headed over to the Fun Depot. One game of laser tag and I was wore out. Felt like someone had taken a stick to me or something.

Above Left: My mom helping Azalea open her presents. Above Right: After a couple sips of wine later in the evening after Fun Depot, my mom became very slap happy. Just enough to forcefully grab my head and give me advice on who I should marry.


Meg Wolff said...

I like the photo of your Mom and you.

Unknown said...

Hi Andrew! Azalea is a beauty. I miss my family (in VA) when I see all of yours together...Bless you yall have many together. Your Mother shes so pretty...she is Asain but from where? Im still trying to fig out what Asian yall are!
Alls well here finally cooling off.
And Im so Happy and rejoicing that Ive won the necklace from Cynthia! Yey! My hubs was really happy too. Yey :) Yall are genuine I know you are. Cant wait to go to the bead shop here and show them too they know who GG Studio is whoop!

Andrew Thornton said...

Azalea is the light of my life! She's a gem.

My mom is from the Philippines. My dad is from Missouri. Or as my mom calls it, "Misery." Ha ha ha.

We had a good time. Though, I should have taken a video of my mom pushing my head. She does it to all the kids. Sheila was joking that when she meditates, her head gravitates to her left because of all the head pushes. Ha!

I'm glad that you won the prize! Very exciting!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

AHAHAHAHA!!! My parents were always horrified when I decided to tie the knot!

great photos! I luv yer ma!