Friday, September 07, 2007


Busy day today. I've been running all sorts of last minute errands before the Long Island Bead Festival on Sunday and my trip back down to Asheville on Monday. It was my last day at work. It felt strange. I'm only leaving for a month, but it felt like I was leaving for good. I don't know what that means. Perhaps the successes at Faerie Con will be of such a great magnitude that I will never have to work again! I can wish, can't I?

But I'll be back. It may not seem like a lot, but I feel very strongly connected to my regulars. I see them for a couple of minutes here or there and our interactions are usually limited to how busy it is, but I feel somehow bound to them. It's odd trying to quantify and qualify this feeling towards these people.

Met up with a friend from Chicago for a couple of drinks earlier. It was a lot of fun and hopefully we'll be able to do it again when I get back. Right now I'm so sleepy and all I can think about is the bead show in a few days. I keep having the strangest dreamy thoughts of various vendors riding pogo sticks and big mechanical fish made of silver.

Hopefully if you're in the area, you'll make it out to the show and say hello!

Long Island Bead Festival
Sunday, September 9th 2007
10 AM to 5 PM
Marriott Islandia, 3635 Express Drive North
Islandia, Long Island, NY 11749
(Exit 58 off Long Island Expressway/ I-495)


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I would love to go to see you! You are wonderful to be doing this! I am very excited for you!

melanie brooks said...

Oh I have strange show dreams/daydreams sometimes too! Last night I dreamed that I was painting up my face all blue for Faerie Con. I don't know what kind of blue fairy I was. Maybe I will dream more about it tonight...

Pogo sticks at a show sound fun though!

There were people in costume and on stilts at Gen Con, walking through the show. It was fun to have the festivity of a Ren Fest indoors at a convention!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Jean! It would have been great to see you. The show was pretty fun. I think though if you're going to go to any bead shows anytime soon, the ones in New York in October would be the coolest. Lots of artisan vendors go to those.

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Melanie,

Did you have the rest of your dream yet? I'm looking forward to Faerie Con, but I don't know what I'll be yet. No stilts for me though. Standing all day in stilts sounds pretty hellish. I'm also not wanting to wear too much make-up on my face or on my body. Somehow I always pick out the costumes the require me to coat my body in shimmer bronzer and glitter powder and that stuff is a pain to wash out and what not. Not only that but I break out like no body's business.

So, minimal make-up (if any) and just a really darn cool costume for me, I guess.

melanie brooks said...

Actually I am a bit unsure that I even *will* do a costume. I should, shouldn't I? Gosh, I am not usually one for dressing up!

I have been daydreaming about it though. It will be October, so perhaps I can get myself invited to a Halloween party and do double duty. We also have an Anime Con around Halloween here, so triple duty!

I don't want to so it if its half@ssed, you know?

I am thinking a woodland, birdy type fairy of some sort. I think I need a tiara.

Andrew Thornton said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to do a half-assed job! I'm not sure what I'm going to be. I've had a lot of ideas, but haven't yet done anything for a costume. We'll see. We found one of my costume-boxes while cleaning out the workshop... so perhaps I'll find some good vintage goodies from my other life to inspire me.