Thursday, September 13, 2007

Around the Table..

Above: Jarlsberg cheese, a goat gouda cheese, membrillo, and a gjetost cheese (which has a sweet carmel flavor and smooth texture) on one of the many platters.

Anne Choi and Lynn came up from Atlanta! They're staying with Tony and Lisa of Zoa Art for a few days. It was so nice to have them over. Cynthia and I prepared a small feast. To start, we made different cheese and fruit platters. For the main dish, we made a lasagna with buttered baguette toast. All served with a Fat Bastard merlot that we got at World Market. For dessert, we had a layered pudding topped with a strawberry, peach, lavender sauce.

We had such a good time, telling stories and catching up! Normally I would have a bevy of pictures of everyone around the table, however, Anne threatened to cut me off from getting anymore beads if I took her picture. So, I had to relinquish my documentary sensibilities and give my (photo) trigger finger a rest.


Unknown said...

Hey Grandparents being Norweigen used to serve gjetost and ohhh I hated it! LOL But our Siamese cat we had her name was Yum Yum mind you...loved it! hee Glad youre having a wonderful time! What exciting things will yall be doing this weekend? Its nice to see yall close (you had said there was some kinda rift at one time) it seems everything yall do is an Adventure and what a Blessing! xox

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Janet! I didn't really know what gjetost was at first and took a big bite of it. Let's just say that my first introduction wasn't exactly the best! However, after I took a smaller piece and put it on an apple... I had a much better experience.

We've had company over... so most of our energies have been devoted to that. But we've also been busy making new things and getting ready for the shows! Lots of fun.

It wasn't so much of a "rift" as much as us all growing up and becoming our own. I was in New York selling paintings and doing art representation and trying to finish my degree. Cynthia and Greg were reuniting in California. (Greg was in the movie industry and worked on lots of television and movies.) Sheila was globe-trotting and seeing the sights of the world. All of us were busy bees. Still are, but much more connected with one another.