Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad Juju...

I don't think the bad juju of Monday's trip has left me yet. Sometimes when something goes wrong, I'm haunted with a bad humor that doesn't leave for days or in some cases weeks. I keep having dreams of my dad calling me to tell me that my grandmother has died. Or wake up in a panic, thinking that Azalea has been abducted or somehow hurt. Despite my best efforts, it seems to be lingering about, like a dark cloud misting over my eyes. Everything is tinted dark. I have only found refuge in my work. We've been busy cleaning out the garage and tidying up work-spaces, and busily making things for the upcoming shows. We've got one in Hawaii coming up, one in Detroit, and of course Faerie Con. I am trying to stay positive and shake off these ill feelings knotting up my stomach.


-thomas jay said...

go outside
take off your shoes
and let the worry drain.
trust in the mother
and let her cradle you.
all is well and as it should be.


Unknown said...

Andrew I can relate to what your feeling. But chin up another day is a fresh and a new...all the cobwebs gone! Remember the time will pass quickly enough...and time is precious and especially with Cynthia and her little family! Soak in the happiness of Azalea and be Happy! Rejoice! Heres a warm hug from me! hugggss and more huggssss lol...xxxx

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

You remember, Andrew, I analyze dreams. You are not sure I am always right, but consider this anyway: Your father and the phone call about the death of your grandmother signifies "broken links in the family" which, because you are tired from your trip, you are especially fearful of, because you are so overwhelmed and drained at the moment and because everything is happening so fast. If your grandmother is the matriarch of your family, you are worrying(in your dreams) that the family will again break apart. That is your concern. This ties in to the panic about Azalea, who, you have just told us all, has united your recently split apart family. Therefore, if she was abducted (which is not going to happen), the symbol of your reunited family would be abducted, as well. Hey -- You are emotionally tired, and possibly phyically tapped out, I am sensing, by these fast choices you just had to make. BUT: I sense these are good choices. Do not worry that these dream-fears will really happen. Dreams are just quick shorthand and ways we express our subconscious anxieties. When you are more rested, and revitalized, you will be able to be your sweet happy self,(and everything you are!) and to help you with that, I am sending you honey vibes through the internet!


Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks everyone for all the positive vibes and the good advice. I think the ill vapors have left me for now! We are much too busy with fun things to be fretting. FOR SURE!