Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Night Drum Circle...

Every Friday night, locals and tourists alike gather in the downtown square in Asheville for the weekly drum circle. It's an interesting cross-section of people. Definitely an interesting place to people watch. My one suggestion: A little less patchouli please.

Left: Azalea and her friend Nathea were inseparable. You can't see it in the picture, but their hands are firmly locked. Azalea usually likes to dance, but she was not feeling it tonight. She kept pulling her little friend over to sit on the side with her on the rocks.

Right: Sheila was dancing with the littlest of the bunch, Nathea's little sister Cassie. That little girl wasn't afraid to dance at all. As pictured, she was shaking a maraca. Tomorrow is Azalea's birthday party, so it promises to be an exciting time. My parents are also coming tonight. So, it'll be a little crazy around here with all the festivities.


Unknown said...

Hey my dear foolio,
I was cutting out some celtic knotwork and thinking of us in art class many many moons ago. Do you still have a 917 cell phone number? I think I've been leaving someone else messages for you? Its so nice to see pictures of the baby and your sisters. Anyway, much love and missing

Andrew Thornton said...

Hello Fiona-Bumble-Bug-Jenni-Any-Dots,

I haven't heard from you in AGES! It is so good to hear from you. When I'm with family, your name of course comes up. They ask me how you're doing and what you've been up to. And I sadly report back to them that I don't really know.

Yep. My phone number is the same. 917-771-6641 I screen my phone calls, so I don't always pick up. I also haven't checked my messages in a couple of days, so perhaps it was then that you called?

In any event, it is so good to hear from you and I'll check my messages and see if you have the right number.

I miss you too!