Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today was my birthday. The day started off later than normal for me. I stayed up really late working on the oracle deck. I tried to get as much done as possible. By the time I got up, Sheila had already made breakfast. Yummy Southern style grits with scrambled eggs. Azalea helped crack the eggs. She's a good little helper.

It was a quiet, sleepy day. Later in the day, Sheila and I worked on some ceramics and had a couple movies playing in the background. I'm afraid that my project didn't turn out that great. I wanted something super organic and very arty. I wanted to make something that looked like it was growing and melting, like some alien fungi. We'll see how it holds up when it's fired and glazed. It has been over five years since my last experimentation with ceramics. Perhaps I'll take a class like Sheila to rekindle my interest in it. I have a fantasy that I'll create an entire world of different flora from an alien world, or somehow graft it into the existing one. Like a extraterrestrial strawberry that's been placed with regular ones.

I've been in my head and dreams a lot today, drifting in and out of them. Since I've been down here, I've been looking for my copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho to send to a friend of mine. It was one of those books that you kept as long as you needed it and passed it along when you thought it was time and when someone else was ready for it. Within it were inscriptions from the previous owners. I was number seven. I can't seem to find this particular copy. I picked up another at the used bookstore and have been flipping through it over mint tea. Perhaps I'll put another book in circulation.

Later in the evening, Cynthia and Greg took us out for sushi for my birthday dinner! Tony and Lisa of Zoa Art joined us. It was quite tasty and there was an over-flowing abundance of goodness.

Here Sheila is hamming it up for the camera and trying to cram a HUGE piece of sushi in her mouth. Sheila has been doing this ever since she was little. Azalea does the same thing and I believe that there's a picture that's fairly similar to this one of her.

This is the gratuitous food shot (everyone knows how I like them) of one of the sushi platters. A Yumi roll, a Dynamite roll, an eel and avocado roll and a shrimp tempura roll. Very tasty indeed.

Tomorrow we're going to pick up a cake from Filo Pastries and Coffee. It's like what my friend Monica Cook says, "It's not really a birthday unless there's cake, candles, and a wish."

Usually I use my birthday as a day of reflection and write out all the things that have happened and how I've changed and what I'm thankful for. Kind of like a warm-up for Thanksgiving. Perhpas tomorrow I'll tackle this.


bArno said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!! I'ld like to do a Mad Tea Party. I'll bring some Yerba Mate for you to sip. I have the traditional gord like the cowboys from Argentina use. Take it easy!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I don't eat sushi anymore, even vegetarian, but I used to go to a place in Westport CT with Jim constantly (everything with Jim is constant)and he would always have miso soup and sushi -- very specific choices...i fgave up and had tempura after a few months

One time we were there and one of the Talking Heads was there! We were so excited to be there with a talking head! it wasn't David Byrne. I guess famous people have to eat, eh? anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!
What WONDERFUL time of the year to be born...

J a nn e

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Brian, Perhaps we'll have tea party here in Asheville. Once we finish up with more of our work, we'll take a break to throw a shin-dig. I need to meet Sheila's friends... so it'll be a good excuse to have them over.

I am not sure about the Yerba Mate. We got some at the restaurant and it was sort of like licking a tree. My tongue felt slightly itchy afterwards, just as if I had licked one as well. Is that supposed to happen?

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks Jean and Jane! I love sushi and I love this time of year!