Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Getting Ready...

After an early morning flight draped in fog, I finally made it back to New York. I am pretty exhausted. I decided to save a couple of bucks by taking the M60 bus and the train to pick up my keys. My roommate had found them and I wanted to drop by his work to pick them up. This was probably not the best idea. The bus was crowded and my bag was REALLY heavy. So, by the time I finally got home... I wanted to pass out. But I had lots of errands to run and some left to do yet. I still need to pick up toilet paper, for one.

While I was walking around, I thought of how much I enjoyed living in the City. I was happy to be back in my stomping grounds, though sad to leave my family behind. It is funny to think that a few years ago we were all estranged from one another. Of course we kept tabs on one another via our parents and the occasional holiday, but for the most part we were all doing our own things and living our individual lives.

Nowadays, we are much closer. This can all be attributed to the birth of a single child. Azalea drew us all together. I shudder to think how drastically different all of our lives would be without her. She truly is the light of my life.

All this past week, it has been on my mind. How much I've grown to love and appreciate my family and how I wish I had an opportunity to spend more time with them. It dawned on me how quickly Azalea is growing up.

So here is my big news...

After I finish the show in Long Island, I'm temporarily moving back to Asheville. It'll only be for a month. Much is needed to be done before Faery Con and the chance arose for me to take some time off of work and to go down South to help in the preparations. This promises to be an exciting show for us! It'll change a lot of my plans for the upcoming month, however, I think it'll be well worth it and I can't wait to go back down and make more things with my siblings.

I've been working really hard getting ready for the Long Island Bead Festival and making sure that there are lots of goodies and treats at the show. So if you're in the area, make sure to drop by! Here is the information for the show:

Long Island Bead Festival
Sunday, September 9th 2007
10 AM to 5 PM
Marriott Islandia, 3635 Express Drive North
Islandia, Long Island, NY 11749
(Exit 58 off Long Island Expressway/ I-495)


Unknown said...

Hi Andrew...What a little gift Azalea is to everyone...and a child shall lead them is so true. You will always be remembered by her as her Uncle and whatever you do now counts children are wonderful gifts. Mine are grown and I miss little things like fastening the car seat saying Comeon lets go lets go...parties cute little people clothes all the nice things. Then when they are grown you miss them. I am married for the 2nd time and Id of liked to have one more with my man!
Im Happy for you going up there for a month...thats magic so nice!
Do you know who or what youll be for fairy Con? Wont that be something a fairy ball! Do you have any idea what that will be like? Coolness

Anonymous said...

LOL! I *knew* your news would be something about moving to Asheville!!! I was 90+% certain of it...of course, with you & Cynthia posting the last few days, we all are so envious of the great family fun.
I tried to visit Asheville spontaneously this weekend, but couldn't pull Anne away from her bead making...maybe we can plan in advance once you know when you'll be there. Would be nice to see the Thorntons & the "Zoa's" :) .

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Janet. Azalea is a gift! Children definitely change things. My life is all the richer for the experience of getting to know her and be apart of her life.

I'm excited to be going down as well. I still have to tell my roommate and fish around and see if anyone is interested in subletting my room for the month.

I don't know yet what I'll be, but I've been thinking about costume ideas.

Andrew Thornton said...

It's good to hear from you, Lynn! It seems that whenever anyone has any big news, it deals with them moving to Asheville... like with Tony and Lisa! It would have been wonderful to have you all and include you all in the family fun! Cynthia brought out her paper Anne Choi bead catalogue. I studied it coveteously. I think I'm going to try and angle for people to get me Anne Choi beads for my birthday!

Cynthia and I always talk about getting together with you all since you all aren't too far. So, please do come! We'll make a grand feast! I'll be in Asheville next Monday and will be there for a month. So, anytime during then would be great. Though one of the weekends, I'm going to try and instigate a trip out to the Outer Banks. Perhaps my birthday weekend since I won't be having my Alice and Wonderland themed birthday tea party.

melanie brooks said...

How very exciting! I hope it will be a really creative time for you all!

Chuck and I are trying our hardest to make arrangements to attend FaerieCon. It looks so fun, and I am hoping to see my brother too, as he just moved to Philly.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I think this is wonderful. you are a wonderful uncle and she is a truly amazing little girl. she has many people who love her. I am one of them! course I love you, too!