Sunday, September 02, 2007

Work Day...

After we got back from the farmer's market, we set to work. I am nearly finished organizing Cynthia's beads. Since she doesn't want me to spend too much time obsessively separating and sorting all over her millions of beads (as it is in my nature), it is more like me putting everything in boxes in preparation for when the studio floors get done. When I finished with a chunk of that task, we started pouring resin for embedded resin talismans. They haven't hardened yet, which worries me, but Cynthia says that they'll take a little while. I look forward to how they turn out. While the resin was curing, we made quite a lot of progress with the oracle cards. I am confident that we will have everything ready for Faery Con.

Cynthia and Greg swung by Wal-Mart to pick up a copy of Brother, Where Art Thou for my parents to watch. They leave early in the morning tomorrow. I probably won't see them go since I am very tired and it is getting late.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll update with my BIG NEWS.

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