Friday, March 30, 2007

NYC has got you covered...

Just before I left the doctor's office, the assistant said, "Oh, you forgot something." She then handed me a handful of the new NYC condoms. The blood-loss must have prevented me from telling her that my kiosk has been closed for some time and that I was celibate. But I took them anyway and shoved them in my jacket pocket.

Later, as I was pulling out my ID to enter the studio building, all of the condoms fell out on the floor in front of all of the security guards. One of them instinctively bent down to help me pick them up, but retracted his hand when he saw what they were. I could hear one of my favorite guards that I've known for years say under her breath, "Lord have mercy..."

I tried to play it cool, but was redder than a tomato. The entire elevator ride up, I was lost in my thoughts of what clever things I could have said. "Better safe than sorry."

Doctor's Offices...

Early this morning I got a slightly frantic call from my doctor's assistant, telling me that I had to come in right away. I had to call out of work and head over to the much hated doctor's office. Needless to say, I was a little worried. Had they found the source of my mysterious illness from a few years ago? Had they found something new? I had no answers sitting in the waiting room. Just questions and mounting anxiety.

After a physical, giving what seemed like a gallon of blood and various specimens... I found out that I'm pretty healthy. I still have to go in for more tests and will have to figure out when I can do that. In general, I think I hate the doctor's office.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm feeling very introspective. I'm all curled up with my thoughts and if I weren't so busy, would go into seclusion for a while. I'd pack up some art supplies, bring a good book, and go far away from the world. I think I'd go sit by the sea and listen to the waves and seagull-songs.

Mixed CD Exchange...

I've been thinking about mixed CDs a lot lately. So, if anyone wants to exchange one, leave a comment. I'll send you one and you can send me one in return. I don't know if I'll necessarily send one that's reflective of how I'm feeling right now, because it'd be full of really icky, sticky, depressing love songs. I've since started to listen to Ani DiFranco's song, Grey from Disc 2 of Revelling/Reckoning on repeat.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Requiem Aeternam Deo...

My good friend Aurea Tomeski will be performing in this show. It looks very interesting and worth seeing. It's an experimental show based on the philosophical works of Friedrich Nietzsche. I'm definitely going!

Swan Song...

Since yesterday was my last day, I made plans to hang out with my co-workers. We've become a close-knit group and it'll be a little sad not working with them anymore. I want to think that no matter where we are and where we'll go... we'll always stay in touch and be friends.

So, to celebrate my transfer, we went to the recently re-opened Continental in the East Village for cheap shots and lots of laughs. It was a lot of fun to gather round and have fun. Let's hope not for the last time.

Afterwards, Calla and I went to Jasmin's house in the South Bronx for an impromptu slumber party.

I'll miss working with my friends.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Writing the Contemporary: Art History and Art Criticism...

I went to a panel discussion presented by CUNY and The Graduate Center's Center for the Humanities entitled Writing the Contemporary: Art History and Art Criticism.

Here is the press release:

Academics and art critics discuss the relationship between art history and art criticism, working inside and outside the academy, and the various problems of writing contemporary history. Moderated by Katy Siegel, Associate Professor of Art History at Hunter College, with Johanna Burton, contributor to Grand Street, Artforum and author of Cindy Sherman; Branden Joseph, Associate Professor, Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University; Scott Rothkopf, senior editor of Artforum, and Lawrence Weschler, former staff writer for The New Yorker and author of, among other books, Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences. Co-sponsored by The PhD Program in Art History.

It was an interesting panel discussion, though I couldn't stay awake for the life of me when Lawrence Weschler spoke. I don't know what it was. Perhaps the tone of his voice or his pauses, but I found my head doing that flip-flop thing it does when I get tired and I'm sitting up.

I did have some questions that were not addressed during the discussion. The point was made that they all had extensive training in writing and history and that they all had spent years refining their ideas within the academy. My question to that was, do they feel more connected to the pulse of the art world and seeing the work, or do they feel separated from the art-viewing public? From what they were saying, it almost gave the impression that they existed outside of the contemporary gamut. If they do indeed think of themselves outside of the context which the work is being made, will they really get what they are looking at? Or will they pre-prescribe and attach their own history and associations to the work?

My other question is a simple one. How do they pay their bills? They spoke about ethics in writing and criticism and they spoke about how the market doesn't really exist and how the market is a somewhat dirty thing, but how do they pay their bills? I think that the practical questions are sometimes the most revealing. I'm going to email each of them and ask them and post their responses, if they do in fact respond.

Changing Places...

Today was my last day at the 'Wichcraft location on 8th Street. I'll be leaving NYU-land and returning to the old neighborhood that the original store was in a few years ago. I'm really excited to see some of the regulars again. I've missed it a lot. I dropped into the new location on 20th Street, between 5th Avenue and Broadway and took a peek. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! On the second floor, they've got windows that look out onto a very industrial courtyard. When I saw it, there were shafts of golden dusty light piercing through the blue-gray shadows, abstracting grates and reflecting off windows. I'll post pictures once I find my camera. I seem to have misplaced it.

A Modest Proposal...

I got a phone call early today informing me that I've been nominated to speak at the commencement ceremony. It's funny, because I wasn't really planning on even going. Now I'm a little bit torn with whether or not I should go to the interview and go to the ceremony. I normally don't like ceremonies like that. I guess it all depends upon what they have in mind. If they want me to give a phony speech on how the School of Visual Arts is the greatest college on earth, then I'll forgo participating. If I do it, I want to be honest and reflective with my words. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, March 26, 2007


My friend Ryan was a wizard and magically produced a CD to be the soundtrack for my show at the last second. Thanks again, Ryan. I've been listening to it on repeat ALL day and ALL night. Very good selections. I'm trying to figure out who each of the bands are and what they mean together. I have a nasty habit of trying to construct a narrative between songs on a mixed CD.

Wine Stains...

After I had my tea and my morning meditation, I went back to the studio to clean-up from the night before and prepare for a day of meetings. Much of the snowy white table-cloth was covered in maroon stains from spilt wine. Very pretty.

When everything was picked up, I had a meeting with a collector and have decided to open my studio on an appointment-only-basis for the next week or so. I don't have a moment to spare with the next installment of the show The Rays of God next month, but want to let people be able to see the first half in person if they want to. Email me directly to set up an appointment. The second half will be presented during the BFA Fine Arts Department Open Studio Event on April 26th from 5PM to 9PM at 141 West 21st Street, 4th Floor.

As soon as the morning meeting finished, I had a critique with Lori Yarotsky and Clay Matlin, then one with Tim Rollins, one with Lucio Pozzi and then one with the amazing Amy Wilson. Lots of feedback to consider and things to think about.


When I got home, I went right to bed! It felt so good to finally get some sleep. Over a morning cup of tea, I realized that I had slept more in one night than I had in an entire week. It's funny to contemplate how we torture ourselves for our passions.

I have a busy day ahead!


When the show ended, a group of us went on an expedition to find a place to get some food and hang out. (I had intended to plan an after-party, but I was working on the show right up until the last moment. )

Above Left: Here's a rather serious picture of me waiting for my food.

As each of the places we stopped at turned us away, our group seemed to shrink. In the end, only Josh, Jasmin, Jeanine, Jessie, and Gisselle joined me for dinner. Somehow we ended up at the Applebee's in Time Square.

Above Right: Jasmin looking pretty while she was waiting for her food.

Above Left: Josh wears a paper sculpture I made out of napkin. Above Right: A picture of Jeanine riding on the train en route to Time Square.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


The night was really great; a lot of wonderful people came! It was so nice to be able to share what I have been working on for the past couple of months. I only have a couple of pictures, as my camera went missing at various points in the evening and the batteries died a few times as well. If you have any pictures, feel free to email them to me.

Left: Jessie (orange striped skullcap) talks with Carl and his
girlfriend Bukola. Carl just got back from Ohio, where he was working on cataloging a Catholic museum.

Right: Jeanine and my funny roommate Charles pose for the camera. The still-life photographer Tommy talks with author/director/producer, David Rosfeld.

Left: Natalie Danford and her husband Paulo chat with Jay and his friend Diane (whom I very much wanted to call Megan). You can read the New York Times Book Review of Natalie's debut book, Inheritance, by CLICKING HERE.

Right:Here I am in the middle of Diego Britt (an artist and curator) and my ex-roommate and fabulous photographer, Kate Shaffer.

Left: Even though the amazing artist, Christy Zucarelli, wasn't feeling very well, she managed to make it out to see the show. It was great seeing her!

Christy and I are currently working on putting up a show together. I'm really excited to see what we end up mounting. If you have any venue suggestions, feel free to email me!

Right: Here I am with the lovely Jen Tong who has a show opening at Think Space Art Gallery in LA soon. Jen is such a trooper. She wasn't feeling well either. Earlier this week she was diagnosed with bronchitis and was on several antibiotics.

Left: Here I am again with the 'Wichcrafts! (Calla, Jasmin, Gisselle, Josh, and Jeanine.) I couldn't ask for a better group of co-workers. They're all "cool like that."

Right: Kathy Callahan, a remarkable video and performance artist dropped by; here is a picture of the two of us.

Left: Tommy Cinko and Chris pose in front of my latest show, The Rays of God.

The Rays of God...

Shot of final installation. (Yes, I straightened the crooked piece before folks arrived and covered the box of wine in the corner.)
Center wall of installation. I went for a salon-style hanging.
Installation finished at 6:29PM. (Five minutes after my first guest arrived.)

Zero Hour...

Image of the studio at 1 AM before installation started. Everything is still a mess! Show opens at 6:30PM. 18 hours to go and I have to go to work tomorrow! How will it ever get finished in time?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

11th Hour...

So, this is getting into the last stretch before the opening of the show and I'm EXHAUSTED. Haven't been posting much, and probably won't post anything new until after the show. I can't wait to grab some real sleep.

Here is the address for my studio building:

141 West 21st Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue
4th Floor

The show is from 6:30PM to 9PM this SUNDAY, March 25th!

If you are not on the guest list, it is unfortunately too late to add any names. However, if you are on the guest list, please remember to bring valid photo ID. It is important. Otherwise they won't let you up.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Delancey...

Even though I was EXHAUSTED, tonight was the last night that Katie Wall of Fusion Beads would be in town. So we made plans to meet up with Jamie of Stringing Magazine, who had just come into town. Although I've been very busy with getting things together for the show, it has been wonderful spending time with Katie Wall.

Unfortunately, Jamie couldn't make it. Katie Wall and I went to this very fun and hip lounge called, The Delancey in the Lower East Side. Lots of interesting characters. Katie Wall showed me the new crystal line from Swarovski amidst drag queens, a free vodka hour crowd, and performance artists on stilts. It oddly felt right.

Pre-Show Treat...

Before I have any kind of showing, I like to treat myself to a little something sweet. It's one of my little rewards that I always look forward to.

I stopped in Falai Panetteria in the Lower East Side for a quick panacotta and coffee. CLICK HERE for their review in the New York Times. It was delightful and well-worth the quick trip.


On break from classes right now... so I thought I'd post something really quick. The show is coming together wonderfully and I am SO excited. Guest list closes TONIGHT! So make sure you RSVP for the event. Otherwise you'll be turned away by security. I would hate to have friends turned away, but it's not up to me... these aren't my rules!

Jeremiah, a wonderful artist and friend just made a posting on his blog of the coffee places in Chicago that he frequents. Really awesome. I'll do the same after the show is up and I have a free minute or two!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quick Post...

Have to get back to the studio. Working my hands to the bone. Had a critique with Lynda Benglis. She's amazing to work with. Getting a little nervous about finishing everything, but am very hopeful. Make sure to RSVP before Thursday night with your full name!!! Security will not let you up if you're not on the guest list and have a valid ID! Very important. I would love to see everyone who can come... so make sure to RSVP!

Okay, have to go back to the studio and finish up some papers for class tomorrow. Ugh.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Explosions in the Sky...

Above: Energy-packed, Explosions in the Sky perform at Webster Hall.

My original plans to see Explosions in the Sky went through several incarnations. Luckily, Jen Tong (an amazing artist who will have work featured next month at Thinkspace Art Gallery in L.A.) accompanied me to the show! Both of us were exhausted and kept nodding off during the first (very melodic) opening band, Eluvium. Hunger-pains and tiredness forced us to hunt for food. We heard a little bit of the not-so-good second opening band, The Paper Chase and decided to sneak out for some sushi and noodles before the headliner went on.

Explosions in the Sky was AMAZING! Their music has so much power live. In fact, it's a wholly new experience. It is incredible; feeling the energy pass through your body with each strum of the guitar and hit of the drum. The only way to really describe it, is to compare it to fireworks - dazzling displays of patterned explosive energy. Their performance would have been perfect, except for the fact that Jen and I were standing behind the last remaining giants roaming the Earth.

Vernal Equinox...

Today was the first day of Spring! After a few delays, I met up with Katie Wall of Fusion Beads and Helena of Pearl Concepts for lunch at 'Wichcraft. Before going to Helena's office to see tons of beautiful pearls, we strolled around the East Village and got pasteries at Veniero's.

Monday, March 19, 2007


After a long day at work and many hours in the studio (the show is coming together slowly but nicely), I took a break and met up with Katie Wall of Fusion Beads and Helena of Pearl Concepts Inc. Katie Wall is in town for a couple of shows and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to hang out with that darling peach! So we all had drinks at this fun dive bar called Reservoir near NYU.

Make sure to RSVP with full names before Thursday! I'm going to close the guest list on Friday.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Illustration Friday: Total...

"Here at the edge of the world, the lovers attempted to total the stars."

For this week's theme, I decided to merge my painting and collage sentiment a little more. I started off building up a ground of collage, then I painted (faux-fresco style) the figures. I did it pretty quick... so it's a little rough round the edges. Hope you all enjoy.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Snow Garden...

Believe it or not, it was in the high 60's a few days ago. Flowers were blooming, trees were budding, and birds were flying around. It snowed all night, last night and all day today. Everything is covered in a blanket of whiteness now.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


The latest issue of ArtLab23 has been released! Unfortunately, I was in class and missed the launch party. As an online publication, it is really shaping up. I particularly enjoy Amy Wilson's writings on a thing called Second Life and the visual essay by Tim Maul.

The Forlorn...

My class with Monroe Denton was held at the Audubon Terrace in upper Manhattan. It was quite a trek from my adventure in Flushing, but it too was a delightful trip! The Audubon Terrace museum complex is home to the Hispanic Society of America, American Academy of Arts and Letters, and Boricua College. It used to be the home of the American Geographical Society, the Museum of the American Indian (which moved to Bowling Green and Washington D.C.) and the American Numismatic Society (now in downtown).

Our mission was to see the show at the American Academy of Arts and Letters. This beautiful venue is only open for two months out of the year for two shows. The show up right now is the Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art and is an annual exhibition that spotlights candidates for the Academy art awards. It is an interesting mix of painting, photography, and sculpture. The show closes April 1st.

We also dropped in the Hispanic Society of America, another amazingly beautiful venue. The collection is pretty diverse. Everything from neolithic stone tools, to Roman glass, to Medieval ceramic tiles, to El Greco, to contemporary work. Two pieces struck me, a small sculpture called, The Death of Saint Mary Magdalene, and a little perfume bottle made out of jet.

Although this place is a bit off the beaten path and carries a sense of being forlorn, it is imbued with an energy of being somewhere else. Every detail transports the visitor to another time and place. The Audubon Terrace is a definite MUST SEE!


During my break, I went out to Flushing, Queens to drop off my grad school application. It was a surprising treat. I've never really gone out there and didn't know what to expect. The area is so rich with diversity and bustling activity!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Seems like all I have been writing about are my migraines. I guess the jackhammer in my head didn't want to disappoint, because today I got a WHOPPER! My neighbors must think they live next to the Exorcist or something. Not only is there searing PAIN and partial blindness, but there's nausea for kicks and giggles. I threw up so hard that a capillary must have busted under one of my eyes. Looks like someone punched me. Oh well. I feel a little better now, just very tired and achy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chelsea Art Galleries...

I just found out that I'm an artist on the Chelsea Art Galleries website! It's for the show that I had up in February. Even though it's nothing huge, it still makes me happy.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Working Hard...

Since returning to New York, I've thrown myself fully back into my routine. Lots and lots of work. Parts of it are nice, but there are unsavory bits that must be dealt with as well.

I have been working hard in the studio. I took the night off tonight to do a little Spring Cleaning.

The open studio/show "The Rays of God" is set for March 25th! It'll be from 6:30PM to 9PM. Most likely there will be an after-party. If you think you'll be in New York and want to attend, please send me an email directly or leave a comment and I will add you to the guest list. Security for my studio building is SUPER tight, so make sure to include the (first and last) names of everyone in your party and that they bring a valid ID.

I will reply with the location and the directions.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


For someone who doesn't have a strong sense of time, the recent time change has really messed me up. I feel completely and totally exhausted. Ugh. Everything feels hazy and out of sorts. I don't like this feeling.

A Bronx Birthday...

My co-worker and friend, Jasmin, celebrated her 22nd birthday last night. She was hosting a house party. So, I got on the train and an hour and a half later, I was up in the Bronx. It was so much fun and I am honored to have attended. Here are some pictures from the evening:

Left: Josh, Jasmin and Gisselle (a.k.a. Double J and G) sing, "Don't Cha" with the big blow-up microphone.

Right: Gisselle and Jasmin pose for the camera. Happy Birthday Jasmin!

Left: Double J and G take the stage again with friends to rock out.

Right: Another group shot. Jasmin and Gisselle pose with the winners of the special party favours.

Above Left: Jasmin opens her gifts. Above Right: A little girl has a crush on Josh and tells him a secret. I think she said, "I think you look like Justin Timberlake."

Right: Josh poses with Jasmin and her mom.

Left: I'm with Jasmin and Gisselle. And no, I did not sing. Not that I remember, anyway. Hopefully no one else remembers either if I did.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Antony and the Johnsons...

After I finished unpacking, I headed over to BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) to see Antony and the Johnsons perform with the Brooklyn Philharmonic. Firstly, what a beautiful venue! The concert was held in the Howard Gilman Opera House. It was such a treat to see the show there.

It was truly haunting and emotive. Antony has a power over projecting pure heartbreak with his voice and his words. Accompanied with members of the Johnsons and the Brooklyn Philharmonic, it was utterly breath-taking.

My favorite song performed was a cover of a Beyonce song, Crazy In Love. It took on a wholly different and unique feel divorced from its origins and made anew.


After an early morning ride from Asheville to Knoxville and much sleeping on planes, I'm finally back in New York. Part of me already misses being in the mountains. I know that I'll miss Baby One. She's the light of my life. The other part of me is glad to be back in the City. I've got so much to do and so many things going on here, that it's nice to jump back in after a little break.


I just finished up the newsletter for Green Girl Studios. It's called, From the Beach of All Things Lost. It was a lot of fun making it! It's loaded with fun projects and various updates about the family and the company.

ALSO, there's a chance of winning a hand-crafted polymer piece!

To see the newsletter, CLICK HERE.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Chocolate Fetish...

One of my other favorite shops in Asheville is The Chocolate Fetish. What amazing treats they have in there! Unfortunately, when Cynthia, Girl, and I swung by, they were closed. I didn't get my spicy chocolate fix. Next time I will!

Quick Trip...

We made a quick trip to Amazing Savings to stock up before I had to leave. What a WONDERFUL store! Everything is so cheap and is organic/name-brand quality foods. It's one of my favorite places to go grocery shopping.

Last Day...

Haven't slept yet tonight/today. I've been super busy making projects and trying to finish up various crafts. I've been working really hard on trying to get this newsletter done for Green Girl Studios. I should finish it some time tonight if all goes well.

It is still pretty early in the morning right now. Everyone else is still asleep except for Azalea. Girl Wonder is making me "breakfast" in her play kitchen. She is particularly sweet and loving this morning.


When my grandfather died, my grandmother let us borrow one of her photo albums. One of my projects for this week was to scan in pictures, so that we could send back the album to Grandma. It evoked several different feelings. Nostalgia. Sentimentality. Confusion. Sadness. Happiness.

Going through the albums, I saw pictures of people whom I didn't know or saw pictures of people whose names were long forgotten by me. Will people go back through my photo albums and wonder who I was? One day, will my anonymous picture be used in someone's vintage collage depicting life in the "olden days?" Will they know that I had a brother? What will they take away when they see these images? Will my memory persist long after I am gone?

Left: Sheila (my sister) and I stand outside in our front yard for a picture. Weren't we the most fashionable kids ever? I almost wish I could find a pair of sunglasses like that again. They're very hip!

Right: My dad and I were relaxing on the couch. Decades later, my parents still have that same brown sectional sofa. It is as soft, comfortable, and plush as it was then. I remember drawing pictures on the back of it by running my finger against the grain of the fabric.

Left: This is my family. My mom, my dad, me (in his arms), and my sisters, Cynthia and Sheila. At this time period, my brother was most likely the one behind the camera. We are all dressed up for Easter Sunday.

Right: My brother, Dwayne, holds me, as my sisters stare at us. He is the one that named me. I only discovered this recently. I had always thought that I had been named after crappy presidents.

Above Left: Sheila, Cynthia, me, and Babyin/Natalie playing out in the yard. Above Right: Me as the Number 1 Champ!
Right: Again in the yard, Sheila and I were playing outside.

Left: Here we are again on the brown sectional with mom. The funny thing about this picture is that years and years later, we all kiss on Baby One's hand just like Sheila is doing to mine in the picture.

Right: Not so different than a few days ago, here is a picture of me collecting treasure. In the picture, I'm with my cousin, James. My grandparents used to have a mobile home and would park next to this huge tree that would drop these amazing seed pods that would rattle when you shook them.

Above Left: When I was younger, I used to be an award-winning Tae Kwon Doe champ. The funny thing about this picture, besides the super hot special effect is that the photographer asked me to kick lower, as I could kick straight up. I actually could kick so high that I would hit myself in the face. Above Right: Even up until the time that my brother left, I used to look up to him and idolize him. It has been over sixteen years since he went missing.

Right: This is what late autumn used to look like in Florida. Here Sheila and I pose outside our old house on Howell Branch Road.