Saturday, January 29, 2011


I think one of my favorite parts of the attending the Gem Show is meeting all the vendors. They come from all over the world, bringing their wares and sharing their stories.

The folks from El-Mar Enterprises actually come from Plant City, Florida. When I was a boy, we would go to Plant City to pick strawberries. They have a beautiful selection of jewels.

All the way from Lithuania, Daiva was showing her amber. She had quite the selection!

Selena was showcasing some of her cross-sections of stalactites. They looked like sugar-coated discs, capturing the creation of the universe or the division of cells or the bones of a saint.

Only about half of the vendors who I talked with in the African Village agreed to have their picture taken. I'm really glad that my new friend, pictured above, was willing. I think it's a great portrait of him.

We ran into my friend, Lillian Cartwright. She was visiting with one of her favorite vendors, who she said knows all about the beads and has been teaching her over the years about different African beads.


Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

Love your tour with the Gem Show vendors... jealous...maybe some day!

Dee said...

Love the pictures, the Amber had me drooling!

Janet said...

What an education just going to that show! I would love to go sometime!

Jean said...

for people who cannot go, like me, this is a poetic entry and it made me cry. You are a beautiful person. thank you.