Thursday, January 06, 2011


My days here in Tucson are full.  We did more scouting and found some wonderful treasure spots for the workshops. I cannot believe our good fortune!

While we were out and about, scoping things out, we stopped at the Sausage Deli. What a fun little place! They've been making sandwiches for over thirty years! I had a roast beef sub on wheat with onions, tomatoes and oil and vinegar. This used to be a favorite of mine back in New York and still is. It was served up with some righteous potato salad that had just enough celery salt, sweet carrots and slices of celery to make it truly exceptional!

Not only did we find some really awesome spots to take folks while they're here, but I gathered images of some some fantastic textures. I love collecting images of random things that people pass every day, but don't always take notice. I find a beauty in flaking paint, rusty nails, and weathered boards.

I picked a little something up for myself at one of the great little nooks we surveyed. I found a tiny, antique, pewter figurine of two owls. I spotted it from several feet back, upside down and backwards. It is destined for my overflowing curio cabinet. Best dollar I ever spent!

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