Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Learning to Fly Again...

I woke up this morning while it was still dark – before the sun had a chance to peek between the trees on the eastern horizon. I laid in bed for a long while, thinking of all the things that needed to be done before I leave in a few hours. I stayed there thinking and thinking until the sky turned shades of pink and Creamsicle. I am a tangle of camera cables, rolls of socks, and stacks of books. Needless to say, I'm not ready to leave yet. I still need to go through my pile amassed in the middle of the living room and pair it down. I need to figure out what needs to be shipped and what can travel with me and what I can do without.

It has been a long time since I've left my cozy nest. Even longer since I've left for such a duration. While I used to be a finely tuned when it came to my preparations for my travels, now I fret over whether or not I will need thermal underwear or an electric blanket.

The cats know that I am leaving and they vacillate between loving kisses and spiteful behavior. I try my hardest to ignore when they pull down my velvet jacket and claw at it, because I know that they normally do not do this. I try to remember that they will miss me as much as I miss them. They will be without as well.

While I am extremely excited for my desert adventures in Tucson, my heart still aches a bit at the thought of leaving my nest and having to learn to fly all over again.


TesoriTrovati said...

'leap and the net will appear'
you are going to be in a wonderful, creative and loving place in Tucson. I am so excited for all that you will do and see and experience. I just wish that it were in my cards to be there for your class with Kate as well. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures as they unfold.

Now, go on and leap!

Enjoy the day, Andrew!

kate mckinnon said...

You do not need thermal underwear OR an electric blanket. I have a big fluffy down comforter on your bed. Mmm.

Heated MATTRESS PADS are where it's at, anyway. And a cloud of down on top. Sleeping naked in winter in such a situation is the ultimate bliss.

Jenny said...

Andrew, when people reach the end of their lives, they usually regret things they didn't do - not things they did. Leaving home, even overnight, is hard for me too. But I think this will be a great adventure for you. You'll meet cool new people, and have good times you'll always cherish. Time to stretch your wings!!!

I hate to tell you this... but much as I always despaired over leaving my cats, the report when I got back was always that they didn't seem to miss me much! They tend to get over it pretty quickly... ;o)

Janet said...

Ahhh yes we have a heated mattress pad too as we did in the UK and there is noting like them. I hope you have a wonderful time but me tinks and knows you will. Happy new Years Andrew!

AJ said...

Don't fret too much about what you need to take and leave... You'll always forget something and it will generally be something you can easily replace or do without. Just make sure you remember all relevant cords and chargers! People always seem to forget those and it's rare that someone has the exact one you need, since they're proprietary.

Travel safe! :)

Courtney said...

Travel safely! It will be an amazing adventure! I can't wait to hear and see all about it. :)

SueBeads said...

Good Luck Andrew - you'll do great!