Saturday, January 22, 2011

Points of Light...

Above: The moon and a constellation of electric lights taken on a midnight walk.

The past few days have been pretty mellow. Soon things will get a lot more hectic, so I took the opportunity to do some reading and catch up on some work. I did a couple of errands, but kept things low-key. I went for long, leisurely strolls, and did a lot of writing. The desert muses have been kind to me.

The past few days, while extremely full and highly rewarding, were also a little isolating. Aloneness is liberating for me, but it is a bitter pill.

I am really looking forward to the workshops! What wonderful points of light ahead on the horizon! Only a few more days until people start arriving. I am so excited to meet everyone and to get to know them better. What wonderful adventures! And the best thing is that nothing is fixed in stone. The workshop will evolve according to the students. We have a rough framework, but a lot of room to work and play within it. So many wonderful opportunities have presented themselves and it'll be up to them if they want to take a day trip to an artist town or dance with tribal warriors or hike into the hills.

I am told that one of our students can't make it. What a shame! I was so looking forward to meeting her, but this opens the seat up. If you've been debating whether or not to come, you should definitely seize the opportunity as it will be wholly unique. CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up. But don't delay... time is running out!

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