Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waimea Falls Park...

The last time we visited Waimea Falls Park, they were in the midst of a drought.  At least all the rain of the past few days has paid off in transforming this place once again into a lush and verdant paradise, filled with tropical birds and exotic plants.

To the left is a photo of Azalea posing in front of a replica of a native shelter that would have been in place when the last inhabitants were occupying this valley. Unfortunately for them, drought struck and drove them out.  (I've seen first-hand how the valley looks in times drought and it's not good!)

Above is a photo of an ancestor shrine.  Offerings of leis have been recently made.  According to the placard, the shrine played an integral part to daily living, as it was the place where the indigenous people would go to pray and ask for advice.

Here is a picture of Cynthia and Azalea walking along one of the trails.  This is the main trail that leads to the waterfall.  

Above are just a sampling of the flora that can be found at the Waimea Falls Park.  They have everything from the Tree of Sadness with its perfume-blossoms,  to sturdy cannonball trees laden with an arsenal of deadly-looking fruit and frilly hibiscus flowers.  Some of the things I have never seen the likes of before.

Above is a photo of Greg, Cynthia, and Azalea posing on the bridge.  If you look closely, you can see the waterfall in the background off in the distance.

Here's another shot of the waterfall and its stream.  Walking along the path was so relaxing and felt as though I had entered the garden of earthly delights or some such thing.  I was amazed by all of many different species of flower and plant.


RupaB said...

Love the photography....looks like you had a wonderful time!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks! I had a great time! It was a lot of fun. I miss the sun and all of its warmth and happiness!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Beautiful pictures! I love all the colors of the flowers!! Someday...

Funky Monkey Girl,