Friday, March 20, 2009

Five Blogs Not to Miss...

I try to limit my time for reading blogs to an hour or so a day.  It's hard because there's an overwhelming amount of content on the Net and I love keeping track of folks.  I find though that if I don't set limitations and try to reign myself in a bit, I could be plugged in for days.  (I would deny it, but you could aptly call me a "blog junkie.")  In the sidebar is a list of blogs that I frequent often.  Below is a sampling of five of those blogs I find myself compulsively going back to over and over.

Nancy Schindler is the proprietor of Round Rabbit and maintains The Rabbit Muse.  I love the unique way she incorporates her ceramic pieces into her jewelry design and her witty commentary on life.  Not to mention, she's into art history!  I'm a smitten-kitten.

My sister Cynthia Thornton started Green Girl Studios something like twelve years ago.  Her blog is an in depth look at the creative life of an artist and her family.  Not to mention there's cute pictures of my niece, Azalea!

I love Ulla's blog, Ullabenulla!  (And not just cause it's fun to say either!)  Ulla goes to great lengths to compile and share a treasury of inspirational imagery.  I've spent days flipping through her archives.  She also gives an intimate look of her classes at "the Castle".

There's always something to see at Art Bead Scene.  It's a great resource for everything Art Bead, from interesting interviews – to informative product and book reviews.  Make sure to check out their Free Projects and participate in their monthly challenge.

For a dose of heartfelt poetry and narrative jewelry design, Nina Bagley's blog, Ornamental, is the place to be.  Nina is a beautiful soul and alchemist jeweler, who cleverly crafts the portrait of a protean artist and her creative journey.  (I also adore her photography!)


Joan Tucker said...

Andrew, I follow all but one of our picks; I suggest you add Art Propelled to your list. Artist from South Africa with global and varied art interests. Joan T

Round Rabbit said...

Oh Andrew, you just totally made my day!! Thank you so much! We really need to meet one of these days and share our smitten kitten-ness in person. :) xoxo!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Joan!

You were right! I love your blog suggestion! And even funnier is that I know some of the folks that she's written about. One of them actually lives in my old hometown of Winter Park, Florida. Ha ha ha. Worlds away and still connected.

Andrew Thornton said...

Hola, Nancy!

One day we will feast to our friendship! I'm thinking about visiting your neck of the woods when it's warmer out and I can hit up some of the local art fairs and such. I've heard a lot of good things about your neck of the woods and how it's super crafty and artsy.

Lorelei Eurto said...

That would be so cool if you visited. I'd totally break up the party and join you too. Nancy lives in my hometown.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, thank you. What a beautiful post to bump into on your journal, which is something that I read every day to keep up with your magnificent self.

I've found so many interesting people through you. I find myself checking in with Sweet Fine Day almost every day, to see what they are up to.

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Lori! That'd be awesome. Two birds with one stone! Or rather, one owl and a rabbit.

P.S. I like your new profile pic. Very flattering.

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Kate McKinnon,

You're too kind! I love that blogs and web journals are a way of communicating and keeping up with one another. I feel as though it has strengthened and promoted so many of the most important relationships in my life. Blog rule!

I also read Jenna and Mark's blog every day. Have you had any of your treats? They ARE SO GOOD! I once brought some of the pepper thumb-print shortbreads to a bead show and offered them to a couple of the customers who dropped by the table. (I couldn't very well stuff my face in front of them without offering any. I may be a glutton, but try not to be rude about it.) Anyway, it ended up poorly with folks coming back over and over just for the cookies, which I ran out of very quickly. Disappointment on that front ran deep those next few days.

Not only that, but they have the CUTEST kids ever and have tasty recipes and a darling apartment.