Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fresh Air...

I've been cooped up in the apartment since I got back from Hawaii.  I've not left the apartment more than to do a couple of quick errands.  So, today I decided to get a breath of fresh air and take a stroll in Central Park.

It was still pretty chilly out.  The sky was overcast and gray.  It made me wonder if Spring had indeed arrived, or if we were still griped in the icy clutches of winter.  That's when I spotted the tiny little buds on the trees, little points of bright green against a backdrop of dull gray and muddy browns.

It was nice to walk quietly by myself.  As it was in the middle of the work day, the Park was pretty much cleared out.  So, I was almost completely alone - just me and the silent statues.

I found a nice spot near the pond next to a bright red berry-laden tree.  I sat for awhile and listened to the bird songs.  While sitting there, I observed the many different kinds, hopping around and searching for food.  My favorite are the house sparrows.  I love their little fluffy round bodies.  The photo above is of a male.  His mate was just outside of the shot, both chirping and welcoming spring.


Jamie Hogsett said...

Lucky! Can I come to Manhattan and stroll too? I miss you!

Andrew Thornton said...

You can come any time you like! I miss you too!