Monday, March 02, 2009

Not a Snow Person...

I'm not a snow person.  That's why when I woke up to discover that the whole entire world from my window was covered in a thick blanket of white snow, I did not shout with glee, but instead grumbled with much disdain.  I know that everything has a purpose and that the snow and cold helps control rat populations and various things like that, but I thought that Spring was on the rise.  Good thing I'm going to Hawaii.  Hopefully by the time I get back, the snow will have melted, the flowers will have just started to bloom and the birds set to singing.  I'm tired of the winter whites.


Janet said...

Awww yea I hear you! I hope yall have a real Wonderful time in Hawaii! But you will LOL. Lots of huggs
Janet x

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

That is why I left Minnesota in 2005 for Texas!!! Now, I am in the desert in Tucson & LOVE IT!!

Have a blast in Hawaii!!

Funky Monkey Girl,

Andrew Thornton said...

I don't love the snow! I don't love the snow! I don't love the snow! I could scream it from a mountain top, but depending on the mountain, there might be snow and cold.

I don't love the snow!