Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meet Alethia...

One of the pluses of visiting Hawaii is the opportunity to catch up with friends that I rarely get to see, like Candice Wakumoto and Alethia Donathan.  You might recognize Alethia's name from the stellar reputation she's built up over the years as a lampwork glass bead artist or as one of the owners of DACS Beads.  She has recently started up a blog.  CLICK HERE to visit it and to say, "Hello!" or "Aloha!"


RupaB said...

Hey Andrew...thank you for friending me :) I am green with envy that you get to meet all these talented people! Alethia's work is wonderful and I love seeing her work.

Andrew Thornton said...

Aloha, Rupa!

Thank you for being my friend! I'm not really a Facebook kind of person, nor do I friend just anyone. I only friend my friends or people I know in real life or well online.

Don't be envious! I am sure that most of the people I know would be happy to know you as well. Creativity is a great and powerful thing. In its unique way, it links and binds us together.

Alethia is such a sweetie and she is indeed very talented!