Monday, March 16, 2009

The Thicket...

Above:  The Briar Wood (1890) by Sir Edward Burne Jones.

Being gone so long, has definitely had its repercussions.  The weeds have sort of grown up and turned into a seemingly impassible thicket.  I have to remind myself to take things one step at the time to get through everything that has piled up.  

I've just started to tech edit Cynthia's book, Enchanted Adornments.  Did I mention how AWESOME it is?  My goal as the tech editor is to catch anything that might have slipped by my very keen sister, and to support her in whatever capacity that I can and help her make her vision come to fruition as she has imagined it.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried.  I want to do a really excellent job.  With time working against me, it's hard not to stress a bit.  I have to remind myself how devoted I am to the project and how much I want the book to be successful.  When I think of that, it seems to lighten the load a bit.  I am truly excited about the book and can't wait for people to get ahold of it!

I'm also trying to finish up the charms for the Charm Club.  Everyone has been so patient and understanding.  When I think of how awesome everyone has been, I'm encouraged to do my very best!  I've been making some really neat things and I'm looking forward to sharing some of those here in the (hopefully very near) future.

Also, I've just finished up my piece for the Use the Muse Contest that Scarlett Lanson is hosting.  I really like the piece that I've created and put a lot of effort into making it.  When the "Big Reveal" happens, I'll be sure to blog about it and share some of my personal insights and stories that go along with the piece I've made.

Well... enough dawdling.  I've got to get back to work!

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