Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bead & Button: Day Three...

The days and nights at the show are always full. At times, it seems that things are impossibly full and you wonder after the fact how you did them all.

Here are more snapshots from the Bead & Button Show:

(From left to right:) Vlad of Golem Studio and Marsha Hedrick of Amazing Porcelain.

Gabriella and Marcia DeCoster.

(From left to right:) Ask Sara of SoftFlex, Joanna Feller and Pam Hawkins of Bead Unique, and Julie Young of TierraCast.

(From left to right:) Lisa Kan of the brand new Aria Design Studio, Stephanie Dixon, and Barb Switzer, Dallas Lovett, and Katie Wall of Fusion Beads.

Here is Katie Wall of Fusion Beads again. She's outside of The Safe House. The Safe House is where the Art Bead Scene crew got together. It's a really fun bar and restaurant that's spy-themed. There's all kinds of hidden doors, passwords, and two-way mirrors.

This is just inside the door at the Safe House. If you don't know the password, the Controller makes you complete a "secret mission" which is broadcast for the entire bar to see inside. Katie and I both knew the password, but of course, I almost got in trouble with my big mouth and saying it too loudly. Fortunately for me, there weren't any Double Agents around and the Agents behind me were hard of hearing and had to be deployed on several secret missions before entry.

Lisa Peters Russ, Jeremy (Jan's husband), Lisa's mom, and Jan Atherton.

(From left to right:) Theresa Dart of Lily Studios and Jen Heynen Jangles, and Jen Wilson, Jamie Hogsett and Ask Sara of SoftFlex Company.

After the fun at The Safe House, Katie Wall, Lorelei and I went to the New Yorker Bar for karaoke with the Beaducation crew. It has become a yearly tradition. Even if you don't sing (like me), it's still good times and is a nice way to celebrate the fun folks in the community.

Once we had finished up with karaoke, we rallied at the Miller Time Pub for some cheese curds and good company before heading back to the hotel. We were invited to go to Bar Louie afterwards, but I had to turn in my dance card. I remember in years past going out until 4AM, rolling out of bed bright and early and being all pert and shiny the next day. Those days are sadly over. I will have to indulge in fun only in moderation... until next year, when my dance partner (Lindsay from Fusion Beads) returns.


Unknown said...

Ahhh I remember those days of staying out late( & sometimes just staying up straight through...). Looks like it was a great show, thanks for sharing

CraftyHope said...

ooooohhhhh! Y'all went to the Safe House? How fun! I have a good friend from Milwaukee and she's revealed the password to me just in case I ever make it up there. It looks like y'all had a lot of fun! :)