Monday, April 28, 2008

Serenity's Garden...

I have tons of opalescent glass. I love the way it captures light, shimmering like a small flame is locked within yet remains seemingly cool. It is a contrast that I find very appealing. Hundreds of impulse buys later, I have bags and bags of various strands of opalescent glass beads in different sizes and shapes. This piece that I've titled, Serenity's Garden, is an attempt to hone the magic of the glass and create a multi-stranded choker that really spotlights the material. To accentuate the opalescent glass, I've used a Green Girl Studios lotus box clasp, borosilicate rondelles from Family Glass, and pearls and vintage German glass from Talisman Associates.


Lorelei said...

This would look so great with a nice simple black dress for a summer wedding. Ahhhhh... Beautiful, Andrew. Breath-taking, really.
I love this box clasp! Why can't I buy box clasps directly from GGS?
I've only seen them through Jess Imports, which I can't order from because I don't have a wholesale account. aaagggghhhhh! I want one!! ;)

Leah said...

Hi Andrew, I have been thinking of the types of beads that would go with Anne Choi's beads and your opalescent beads gave me a great idea. Together with the labradorite beads which I have been collecting in different shapes and sizes, opalescent beads will be a good combination to go with the Anne Choi beauties.

And I also want those box clasps!

Andrew Thornton said...

Uhmmmm... you can try calling Jess Imports directly. They have a retail store in San Francisco. I'm sure that they'd be willing to ship you one. You can also try contacting Greg. (MAKE SURE TO USE THE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!) Sometimes, things like the box clasps are mainly saved for shows as specialty items.

I love Anne Choi beads. They are my addiction! If the apartment were to catch on fire and things weren't looking so good... they'd definitely be one of the things that I'd grab first.

Anything that captures the light pretty much has me hooked. Labradorite is one of them! You should see Cynthia's collection of labradorite. You'd lose your mind. I wonder if she'll ever re-post a picture of her necklace made up of hand-carved labradorite pieces. It's STUNNING!