Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fantastic Plastic...

I normally don't work too much with lucite or acrylic beads, but I'm trying something new for a magazine. (More details to come about that later.) In creating this piece, I wanted to really spotlight the qualities of plastic components by juxtaposing different textures and finishes - matte organic shapes versus crisp shiny facets. This very floral piece is perfect for spring! I call it, Lady of the Rocks. Enjoy a few pictures:


Lorelei said...

This is Fabulous!!
The color is so rich! And your photograph is outstanding too! Did you get a new camera or something?
Excellent close-up!

Lynn said...

Hey Andrew - Anne came across this article and I thought you might be interested in it. Cheers -

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Lorelei!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it and the way I shot it. I got a new old camera. Mine was falling to bits (literally) and William's mom got a camera on Ebay for parts. It wasn't supposed to work. However, when it arrived it worked perfectly and actually takes better pictures. Also, I think I'm learning how to take better photos.

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks Lynn! Anne was right. I'm quite interested in this. I'm going to have to sit and think about what to do next and really find a way to react to this. It's startling what the potential is.

Margot Potter said...

Oh Andrew, I love this! I'm a plastic junkie, seriously. I have hoarded Lucite and bakelite for years and I'm so, so delighted that people are giving plastics a whirl again. I think a great designer can make anything look fabulous.

This is delicious!

Elvee Rosenberg has great plastic beads, they're in the bead district across from Phoenix Jewelry. Highly recommend.


Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks Margot! I agree. It's up to the designer to breathe life into whatever they touch. A lump of clay can be a pile of mud, or in the hands of someone like Pygmalion, it can be a companion made manifest to warm and weather a lifetime.

I'll definitely have to check it out!