Saturday, April 05, 2008

E-Waste Destroys Cities and Children...

I was over at Gizmodo and saw THIS posting. I was horrified by the contents of the story and the pictures that accompanied it, but I was also pretty shocked at the comments left. Before I continue, I just wanted to say that I'm not usually easy to offend. I joke around about all sorts of politically incorrect situations. But when it comes to children, I tend to freak out a little bit. How can some people make fun of this!?! CLICK HERE to see the full story on the aftermath of cities like Guiyu, China taking in other countries' electronic waste.

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Margot Potter said...

This is abhorrent. It's horrific, but it's the reality and it's ugly. Did you know that they take the base metal extracted from these parts and melt it down and cast it into cheap metal jewelry components? This is why all the items at the big box craft stores keep getting recalled. The metal in these electronics is often very, very high in lead content and it's also easy to mold. That, and it's cheap.

Americans are shocked to find out the cheap goods we've clamored for without regard to the rights or the welfare of the people who make them or the conditions in which they are made are tainted. What's shocking is the lack of awareness and the disconnect we have with the realities of what it takes to make dirt cheap goods, or where our refuse goes!

Thank you for sharing these links, fascinating stuff. People need to wake up. I'm a big believer in Fair Trade.