Monday, September 13, 2010


Babette and Paulo are at the vet's right now getting their surgeries done. They're old enough now to get fixed. Seems like only yesterday that they were little balls of fluff. It's weird how they're not here. I keep expecting one of them to jump up in my lap.

Update: The kids are home. Babette is still shaky and very weak from the operation and being put under. Paulo is more spry, but he's been hissing and growling more. I imagine that if I had my balls cut off, I'd be hissing and growling more too. (I also noticed that they trimmed his nails at the vet. I imagine this had something to do with his RED sticker.)


Anonymous said...

Vets take any and every opportunity to trim nails when the animals are under...saves time!
Glad they're home and recovering. I know how difficult that can be.

bootsburke said...

It is very strange not to have your four-legged family around-the house is too quiet without them. But rest assured you are doing the best thing for them by being a responsible pet parent and spaying/neutering.

Paulo and Babette are so adorable! Thanks for sharing their pictures! Paulo reminds me just a bit of my Boots, who is more gray than white with white boots (hence the name.)

Judy said...

Ouch...My little Captain Morgan is getting to the same age and I dread having to bring him to the vet. But you gotta do what you gotta do.
I hope tonight your boys are doing better.

Andrew Thornton said...

They are quickly on the mend. It hasn't been easy though. I've constantly had to supervise them to make sure that they don't rip their own or each other's sutures out.

We thought about getting one of those plastic cones, but since they're not used to wearing collars, I think they were worried that they'd go crazy and rip their sutures open.

So... it's been a long day.