Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Battle of the Beads...

You have just two days left to participate in the Auntie's Beads competition, Battle of the Beads! Dig out your Auntie's Beads stash and get to work! This contest puts customer jewelry designs up against each other for a chance to win some amazing prizes. Who can say NO to free money for beads and jewelry-making supplies? For more information, CLICK HERE. Hurry! Time's running out!

UPDATE: I just got word that the fine folks at Auntie's Beads have moved the competition to their Facebook page for a more seamless voting process. Since they've made this change, they are extending the contest another two weeks! That's two weeks extra to get your competition piece in! CLICK HERE to go to their Facebook Fan page to find out more and for your opportunity to enter to win!

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