Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fragile Things...

Last night was a difficult night. Both of the cats returned from surgery and were trying to rip their stitches out. Babette was still drugged and Paulo was in a disagreeable mood (which was scaring Babette). I didn't get much sleep last night. What little I did, was found on the floor next to Babette trying to comfort her and to keep her from licking her sutures and to keep them apart.

I also put up a blog post, which has since been removed. The details of it are not important. What I will say is that I allowed my temper to the get the best of me. I'm not perfect. In fact, I'm quite flawed. Despite my faults, I will defend my friends and my right to say what I want without being punished or penalized. I didn't take the post down because I felt that anything I said was wrong or because I don't stand behind what I said. I took it down because I wrote it in anger. I lashed back. I can't write about love, tolerance, and non-retaliation... and then react to something. I have to stand by my principles.

Margot Potter wrote a great post about the negativity that proliferates online and how we can't let that diminish our light. We must "SHINE ON!" CLICK HERE to read it.

It's easy to note that butterfly wings, eggshells, and the first gentle thrum of purring from a cat on the mend after a very long night are all fragile things. It's harder to see that our hearts, made of muscle pounding blood ceaselessly and relentlessly are fragile too, and susceptible to the barbs and stings of weightless things like words or poor opinions. The magic though about things that are easily broken, is that they are the most precious and the most worthy of being protected.


Yeli said...

I wish a speedy recovery for Paulo and Babette.
I hope you can rest and take it easy. No text message, just a blog message to tell you that :P
I am really happy to see what you have written about the deleted post!
You see, we keep coming back here to read you for a reason.
Take care of yourself today.
I'm off to read Margot's post.

Emerald Window said...

Way to go, Andrew! We all slip in to negative thoughts once in a while. I'm happy to see you are able to transcend that and get back on a positive angle. If everyone thought like you do, we wouldn't have wars.

Unknown said...

I saw your post last night..I couldnt even imagine putting myself out there like that. What a waste! Your wonderful so keep your head high and ignore the nobody emails..
big huggs today ox

Emerald Window said...

Oh Yeah, Thanks for being a responsible pet owner nd getting the little sweeties fixed. There are so many unwanted cats in the world, it's a blessing to not add more. I have 11 cats and they are all rescued and fixed.

Fanciful Expressions said...

It makes me happy that you're such a wonderful and caring companion to your kitties. You did the right thing having them go through the surgeries.A few days of discomfort ( for you and them ) will result in happy healthy felines. Speedy recovery to your sweeties.

Andrew Thornton said...

I'm hoping that in a few days... everything starts looking up! And ALL the mess will be behind us.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Sometimes you need to write things down to get them off your chest. I read the post, I am glad you were able to let go of it. Sometimes our pets teach us the greatest of lessons. This too shall heal and pass. Great post over at Lark on you, that should certainly cheer you up!