Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hectic Morning...

I'll spare the details, because writing them is akin to reliving them and I have no earthly desire to do that. What I will say is that my brain is about to pop. I feel like a pingpong ball, being bounced between various customer service departments and automated services that invariably have no answers and shuffle me back into the queue or drop my call completely. If I had done something wrong, I could understand this as being some sort of subliminal torture. But all I'm guilty of is trying to pay some bills and get some answers. I wonder what people with regular jobs, who can't be on the phone for four hours, do to deal with this muck?

So, I'm behind. The Thursday Giveaway will go up sometime this evening. It's a goodie! And the update to the Sale site will occur shortly. I'll be posting some real whoppers in there before the end!

It's time for another pot of coffee and a yogurt cup. SERENITY NOW!


kate mckinnon said...

I feel for you. I battled my MacBook out of the French Apple Store today. Two hours.

Never say die!!!

Unless it's Die Totenhosen.

MoonRae said...

hang in there sweetie!!

Spirited Earth said...

i barely remember a time in the distant past when a phone call actually connected you with some real person that knew how to help solve your issues..
thought automation was intended to make things easier...not so far as i can tell.

Alice said...

Oh how I dislike those automated systems. My father suspects that he may be a victum of identiy theft, and the three BIG companies you are supposed to call to put an alert on your credit do not have an actual person. Very frustrating to an 80 year old man who has trouble hearing and just wants to talk to a human. And don't get me started on that being the cause of many lost jobs, including my own a few years ago.

I do hope your evening is much more relaxing.

Gaea said...

LOL! Serenity now! LOL!

Regina said...

You could use the 4-7-8 technique of breathing. Check out my Serenity Bracelet posting. Hope the rest of your day was better.