Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm thinking of playing hooky today. It's true that there's a small pile of work that needs to get done, but I feel like fresh air and doughnuts with a thermos of hot coffee might be just want I need to get unstuck. (Because logically, if I'm not doing my work, I must be stuck in some form or fashion. Logically speaking.) Maybe I'll go for a hike or make a trip to one of the local waterfalls? Perhaps I'll bring a small jewelry-making kit or some watercolors and work outdoors today?

Playing hooky sounds like a capital idea! (Of course, I'm only doing it for the benefit of my work. Not because I want to have fun or anything silly like that.)


Alice said...

I felt the same way today, so I hurried up and did all my cleaning, laundry, and other chores as fast as I could. Now I'm off to take a walk with a friend, and later hope to make some jewelry.

Enjoy your day. The waterfalls sound like the place to be, in my opinion. Be sure to take photos.

Betty S. said...

Me, too. must be the nice weather after two days of rain.

Off to torch some beads.

Anonymous said...

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