Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Comfort Food...

I've been terribly busy with all the behind-the-scenes minutiae that keeps this creative island afloat. The weekend was a nice distraction, but while I wasn't looking, real life persisted on. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not have to worry... just to make things without having to think about bills or deadlines or student loans. I wonder about what life would be like without fleas, infected cuts, broken succulents, boxes with faulty bottoms that give out or stubborn cars that refuse to start.

I generally try to stay upbeat and not wallow. I am incredibly lucky in so many ways. I live a rich and beautiful life with many blessings. I am doing what I am meant to do – what I want to do – and that in itself should be reward enough. But some days just kick you in the face.

When I have a not so good day, I usually wind up in the kitchen. There's something primal and instinctual about going to the heart of the home, to the place where nourishment is conjured. I find it relaxing to walk into the kitchen and leave the stress behind, to replace it with the urgencies of the meal at hand.

So, last night I made a meal to take my mind of things. It wasn't anything extremely complicated or fancy – just good old fashioned comfort food. I made broiled cod fish, Bay scallop au gratin and a tangy bruschetta topping. The acidity of the tomatoes helped cut the richness of the buttery fish and the creaminess of the scallop dish. I had some spicy aioli leftover from Sunday brunch and that perked the fish up. The meal was filling, but not heavy; flavorful, but not overpowering.

After dinner, I felt better about all the things that need to be done and must be addressed.


Pretty Things said...

Comfort food is awesome. For me it's comfort food and a book that brings me back.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

An artist and a great cook! You are the complete package! Looks yummy.

Alice said...

Ah, comfort food. It's so.....well...comforting. Feel better now?

I know how you feel when things get piled up. Bills, leaky faucets, flat tires, paperwork, laundry; the worry of two college kids' tuitions, retirement, and a mother with cancer; a cranky washing machine, deadlines, and the list goes on.

When I get overwhelmed, I get comfy on the couch with some chocolate and a good book or magazine with lots of eye candy.

Faye said...



Being a 'responsible' adult is exhausting at times, no doubt about it. Almost overwhelming when problems overlap (even in the framwork of a good, happy creative life things still can get ya down).

Comfort food, a chat with a friend, anything/anywhere you find a bit of ease, seek it out....

Here's hoping things look better (or stop going wrong!) soon-ish.


Unknown said...

Mouth watering looks so good!
I love to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes with some vegs. Now thats mouth watering too. Now Im hungry! Tomorrows another day and I wish you a happy heart!