Thursday, April 28, 2011


I woke up this morning thinking that today would be blissfully dull and that I could leisurely pick my way through the chores that have piled up in my absence. Perhaps hug a cat or two. Surprisingly the day was very full and busier than I had original anticipated and now I'm left looking around wondering where it all went. Many of my tasks were indeed quite dull, but it's one of those things where since they had to be done today, they took on a new and unpleasant fervor.

Unfortunately I missed out on participating in the International Charm Day. I had all these covert intentions of creating charms and leaving them in public places to be found by unsuspecting peoples passing by. Alas. Next year then... I have 365 days to plan.

I did manage to create some lovely things, that I will happily share within the next few days. I am too tired to do it tonight. Tomorrow I'll post more Bezel Pendants (that need a snappier name) and mark the ones down currently in the Shop. It'll be a grand SALE celebrating – or rather mourning – being blindsided by some bills that need rapid paying. Slippery days are my least favorite, because they start off all innocuous and then turn out to be much more... well... slippery.


Rebecca said...

Look how grown up your beautiful cats are! WHat a gorgeous shot. Hope today is less slippery for you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your slippery day.... maybe you could...motivate me (us) not to have so many... I am in the rolling days cycle and cant seem to get a grip... How do you stay focused?

somethingunique said...

Hi Andrew, what an amazing shot of your furry friends & maybe you could have your own International Charm Day and then it will be even more of a surprise to find what i can only imagine to be an amzing charm & i seem to be having a lot of those slippery days myself lately take care of yourself ttfn L:)

Cristina Rose said...

lovely kitties.

barbe said...

Beautiful Kitty cameo image!
Bills-ugh!!!! I feel your pain, here's to celebrating writing those checks and paying them off in full.

Those pendants are gorgeous, how about "romantic portrait pendants" or something poetic?