Friday, April 15, 2011

Beach Day...

We headed down South to visit where Sheila and Steve live in Venice. It's right on the beach. So we spent a few hours out on the water and the sand. It's been awhile since I've been to the beach. I find it such a recharging place to be. I think of all places having different kinds of energy. The ocean... the mountains... the desert... all of these places have a particular flavor of energy. I like to keep all these different elemental energies in balance.

Below are some pictures from the time at the beach:

The beach we went to was Caspersen Beach.

Caspersen Beach is known as a location having some of the largest fossilized shark teeth. We all looked for some. Occasionally they'd wash up in the wet sand, but mostly we had to take scooper nets and sifting sets to find them.

With little ones around, one eye is always kept out for them. Max was afraid of the water, so kept mostly to the sand. But even in the sand, I had to watch out for large rocks or for him putting things in his mouth.

Cynthia also enjoyed searching the sand for interesting seaweed and unique shells.

Steve and Azalea went swimming in the water. The water was warm like bath-water and fairly calm. I've always thought of the Gulf as sort of a giant bathtub with lots of creatures swimming around.

Sheila was very excited to share their secret shark tooth hunting spot.

I've always enjoyed combing the edges of land and water, finding treasures freely washed ashore. I love the spirals and the pebbles.

Cynthia found this piece of seaweed. It had luminescent bulbs that captured the light. When I saw it, I tried to imagine giant underwater plants swaying with the current lit up by an unearthly light.

We found other bits and pieces washed up. I loved the colors and the shapes.

I love this picture of Max looking out at the ocean. He had such a good time. He got covered in sand.

Azalea had a nice time as well. They had a lot of fun swimming around, jumping in the waves.

The sunset was beautiful. I loved the aqua blues of the water and the bright pinks and shimmering oranges of the sky reflected in the wet sand and across the waves.


Unknown said...

Beautiful. :)

Patty said...

Looks like a fine day. I find the beach to be wonderful for my soul as well.

Unknown said...

What wonderful pics of your family Andrew! To live right near the beach wow that has to be really something. You all look so healthy and beautiful! ox

jamberry_song said...

I am hoping to see you make something jewelry-ish inspired by those gorgeous seaweeds. :)

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Holy cow - Venice, FL… My dad and family live on that little island. We were just there in December! Golden Beach area… Woah - that's just weird (sorry - just funny how lives overlap and we don't even know it at times!). Love all the shells & shark teeth from there. I prefer the twigs and organics that wash up personally… The butterfly wing shells are beautiful and SO colorful there too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful moments with your family through such amazing photos...

Anonymous said...

I just love the power of the ocean and the mystery of what lives beneath the water. What you didn't know about me is that I am an avid sharks tooth hunter. Completely obsessive and have been since I was little. No one will take a beach walk with me because I always stop to look! In my studio, I have teeth and fossilized bones everywhere! Enjoy!

Brenda Salzano said...

Your photo of the beach drew me in to read this blog post, as I LOVE the beach. Our beaches are really lovely but the water is COLD! Thats ok, I feel the ocean and the beach is a healing place. Heal the mind, the heart and recharge all your creative endeavors. Glad to see you all had so much fun. Great pics btw!

Shai Williams said...

What a beautiful spot. I always find that I recharge better at the ocean. There is just something about the power of the water meeting the air.

Thank you for sharing part of your vacation.