Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chat and Chew...

The delightful Kathy Van Kleeck came over for lunch today! It was great to see her. I really enjoy spending time with her. We always have so much fun talking about artists and designers we've recently discovered, what artistic endeavor we're up to at the moment, and sharing tips and tricks for various techniques.

Above is a shot of Kathy. I really love her work. She actually made one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. You'll see me wearing it from time to time. To check out her selection of pieces, CLICK HERE to visit her Etsy shop.

For lunch, Cynthia and I made Weasel's Sweet Potato and Kale soup. It's sort of Asian with the curry powder, coconut milk, fresh lime and cilantro. I had my doubts about it when I first heard about it. Whenever someone claims something is "healthy" I instantly think of that vegan restaurant in Brooklyn with the buckwheat pancakes akin to discs of cardboard. They were supposed to be "healthy" as well. The soup we made WAS indeed good though and perfect for the overcast day.

I also whipped up an apple tart with some puff pastry and apple slices. I glazed in with the blood orange marmalade Cynthia made not too long ago. It was also tasty. Greg also stopped by Filo for some pastries, which was a beautiful addition to our meal.

Check out this great little present Kathy gave me. Cynthia got one too. It's a sweet little Talisman bowl Kathy created from earthenware clay that rings when lightly napped. She added subtle color with mason stains. Mine was yellow. And I love it.

I always feel so inspired after her visits and can't wait to get to work on some new things.


Joan Tucker said...

I follow Kathy's blog and especially love her finds of designers and clothing boutiques. Her work is organic and quirky and I would wear one of her pieces in a minute. Joan T

Suzanne said...

What a nice visit. Thanks for pointing out her jewelry. I like to organic look to it.