Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fantastic Fiction 2...

I've found myself at Books of Wonder a lot lately.  Not a week or so ago I was there for the first Fantastic Fiction event featuring Robin Wasserman, author of Skinned.  Earlier this evening I was in attendance for their second installment of Fantastic Fiction.  The round-up included Tamora Pierce, John Hulme and Michael Wexler, Allegra Goodman, Peter Howe, Richelle Mead, and my favorite, Holly Black.

Having just finished the last of the Modern Faerie Tale books, Ironside, this event came at a good time.  After spending several hundred pages together, it's hard not to get attached.  The result is the acute pang of withdrawal.  Holly is all tied up finishing up the Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles series, working on the next book in The Good Neighbors series, and working on a new novel called, The White Cat.  Sounds busy to me!  So who knows when or if she'll return to the world of the Modern Faerie Tale... oh, wait... LOOK HERE, I found a short story she wrote that's based in the same urban Faerie universe published online via The Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts.

The event was thronged with fans and young adult book enthusiasts.  The writer regulars from 'Wichcraft were also in attendance.  It was good to see them and Holly and catch up a bit.  They're all such genuinely nice and funny people, it's hard not to like them – especially since they are all very talented and pen books in one of my favorite genres.

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