Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vegetable Strata...

In an attempt to expand my vegetarian cooking skills and utilize the Greenmarket goodies, I put those purple potatoes to use and made a vegetable "strata."  First, I whipped up a mixture of green beans, pigeon peas, coconut milk (and flakes), carrots, and raisins.  I seasoned it with turmeric, chilies, saffron, and lots of garlic.  I then caramelized some onions and layered it all with slices of boiled potatoes and grated cheese.  The result was a unique combination of savory and sweet.


Janet said...

Youre really quite original in your cooking Andrew! Have you thought about writing a Cookbook? Seriously! You are good!
Janet x

Andrew Thornton said...

Ha ha ha... one of these days. One of these days.

I turned the "strata" leftovers into a meatloaf. I chopped everything up super fine, added more chopped onions, half a can of diced tomatoes, ground beef chuck, three eggs, and bread crumbs. I formed it into a loaf and coated the rest with the other half of the can of tomatoes, a pinch of salt, and a spoonful of brown sugar.

After it had finished cooking through, I poured cheddar cheese on top.

It wasn't just "leftovers" but "treasure-overs."

Janet said...

Thats very original what you made into the meatloaf! I am serious hey "why not" go for it? You are aparently a "natural" cook. So why not try...your style is quite unique! Really think about it.