Sunday, November 23, 2008

True Blood Season Finale...

After the trip to the flea market, I rushed home to bake a red velvet cake for our True Blood season finale party at Jenny and Sisha's.  I've only made it once before and my memory seemed to glaze over just how much food coloring goes into the cake.  (My sister Sheila would have probably choked to death were she to even eat a bite of the cake.  She's allergic to red dye and this cake was loaded with it!)  I spilled some of the cake batter on accident and it looked very much like a scene out of the show.  If you follow along with this HBO series, you know just which kitchen scene I'm referring to.  EEK!

I enjoyed the finale.  It left me with a lot of questions and I simply can't wait for the next season.  I'm totally hooked – like someone addicted to V.  Between now and the start of next season, I'll have to sate my True Blood thirst with the Sookie Stackhouse books the series is based on by Charlaine Harris.

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