Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coney Island Creek Revisited...

One of the filthiest beaches I've ever seen is Coney Island Creek Park.  I've often times heard jokes about how Coney Island is very dirty, but just down the way, this canal-facing beach has no rivals.  Despite my disgust at all the litter (and incidentally the people who are the root of it), there is a beauty here.  It's not a conventional beauty.  It's the beauty of flaws, of broken things that need repair.  It's the beauty of loss and decay.  The Artist and Spiritualist in me finds purpose in transforming and elevating this once neglected and unloved flotsam and jetsam into something a little more sacred – cherished.

Broken glass lays glittering on the wind-swept dunes.

Chilly winds and foreboding clouds run through with shafts of fading light roll in on this seascape featuring the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.
Laying derelict, this boat now only serves as shelter for beach critters and as a receptacle for garbage.  
Seen from another view, this picture focuses more inland and down the canal - the canal that's eating away at the trash-strewn beach.

Another curious looking structure of concrete and rusty metal sinks in the sand and is slowly being worn away by the constantly churning waves.


Anonymous said...

I know this is probably not the most perfect place, but looking at the pictures - boy do I miss the beach.

Unknown said...

It makes me really sad to see how disrespectful people are with trash and attitudes nowadays. Callous. When I looked on your pictures I thought back to the Indian tribes that inhabited the New York and Brooklyn areas long ago...what would they think. I was watching a special on the History channel recently and felt sad too (cant help it) it told of the history of NYC how Indians lived there, and how New York City Manhatten was actually quite hilly and how it was all plowed down flat and grided up from the farm land it was. And there was an enormous lake that was filled in. I know things cant stay the same but to learn the history of the NYC area well that did sadden me. I guess you can tell I hate big citys and high rises. The only place I ever saw beauty in a city was Scotland the high buildings had old worldy turrets and were castle like etc. Very beautiful! Gads sorry Ive wriiten a Blog within your blog! lol
Janet x

Unknown said...

I have a really hard time understanding litter. Why...oh why do people litter? And further more, in my neck of the woods (AZ), if you go to the edge of town you will find couches, fridges, stoves, etc. Who...oh who decides to take their old couch out into the middle of no where and drop it off? Why? I guess I'll never understand.

Andrew Thornton said...

When I was in high school, I used to volunteer cleaning up the various highways in the Orlando area. I was amazed by the massive volume of trash that would pile up in a week's span of time. I was always mystified as to why people did it and still haven't any clues into the mindset.