Monday, September 22, 2008

Custom Cool Jewelry...

If you're privy to the booming DIY scene, then you know that "custom" is the new IT word. Turn on any home improvement show or open any craft magazine and you'll see the word being used to denote something a step above the rest. Why? When Big Business cranks out carbon copy style after carbon copy style, individual and personalized imagery and objects are a welcome escape - a breath of fresh air in an often times stagnant pool of overly-recycled ideas and motifs.

Melinda Barta, the managing editor of Beadwork and Stringing magazines, is definitely in touch with the movement away from pre-fab "style" and towards a more distinct design - your own. With her new book from Interweave Press, Custom Cool Jewelry, she empowers the reader with over 200 projects. Not only does she give valuable tips on making your own pendants, charms, and clasps, but she presents several stringing ideas to use your newly created custom pieces. This book is LOADED with useful ideas that spark the imagination and provoke potential.

Melinda has a bevy of knowledge from working on various magazines (including PieceWork magazine), being author of Hip to Stitch: 20 Contemporary Projects Embellished with Thread, having a BFA in Fiber Arts from Colorado State University and being a teacher at schools across the country, including the prestigious Penland School of Crafts. She uses this versatile experience to enrich Custom Cool Jewelry and deliver projects from a truly unique perspective.

What I love best about Custom Cool Jewelry is that it is a spring board for endless creativity. It fundamentally teaches the reader how to open up their personal style toolbox and use what's inside. A lot of craft and jewelry books simply dole out formulas on how to duplicate someone else's ideas. Custom Cool Jewelry is different. It enables the reader to make stunning jewelry of high quality from their own well of inspiration, utilizing the creative and truly cool ideas offered up by Melinda Barta in this must-have book.

I definitely recommend this book!


Jean said...

cool! i have this and can'T wait TO READ IT!!

lorrwill said...

Sweet. This was already on my wish list. Bumping this baby to the top of the list.