Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Addition...

Seth has been down from Boston, visiting Sheila. Earlier tonight we all were sitting down to dinner after a long day. We were talking about what we had been up to. Since I've been working so much, I haven't really seen either of them and was playing catch-up. He was talking about how he was having a difficult time finding an apartment here in New York. He and Sheila are dating now, and he was looking to move closer.

Although I knew that their relationship was still new, I suggested that he move in with us. My sister is really happy with him, and I like Seth. I think that he's a good solid guy with a lot of potential. And most of all, they make a cute couple!

After a little while of thinking about the logistics and deciding if it was indeed a good idea or merely the influence of beer, we all came to the conclusion that it was indeed a good idea. So I am very happy to welcome him into our home as our new roommate!

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