Thursday, October 12, 2006

ArtLab 23...

Tonight I went to the launch party for the latest edition of ArtLab 23. ArtLab 23 is an online journal that was previously published through the art history department under the guidance of Suzanne Anker. Suzanne's work deals with the convergence of art and science and the interelation between the two. To learn more about Suzanne, you can visit her website and check out her work: Click here.

I can't find the link or the address to the latest issue of ArtLab 23, but the one from before can be found at:

The launch party took place at one of the SVA galleries where the current show up is called Portraits Reconsidered. The show includes some interesting work by students which examines not only the face as material and concrete subject matter, but also psychologically. So there is a great cross-section of photography, painting and wall sculpture that tries to peel back the layers of the surface and reveal something much more juicy.

Here are some pictures from the launch party:

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