Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Baby...

After long consideration and a bit of saving, I am proud to announce the new addition to my life: the new 80GB iPod.

I started spending more time in the studio and I have some rather loud neighbors who make it hard to focus at times. My professors suggested that I get one. I was hesitant at first. Although I love listening to music, it is almost as though the iPod has become sort of like a cultural tend - one based in commodity. So I was reluctant at first.

However, after my busted old CD player gave way, I finally tossed a coin. And it landed in favor of the iPod. I am very excited about this new addition to my life, as it will change the way I walk down the street and, in a sense, the way I interact with people around me.

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Cynthia Thornton said...

It will be super useful!You could put your paintings on it and have your portfolio in your pocket!