Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Video Intimacy...

The other day, I was walking down the hall on the 5th Floor in the 141 building and saw a sign up announcing Intimacy and Aesthetics: Video Artists in Conversation.

The press release states:

A unique series of conversations between artists about their aesthetic practices and preoccupations. These events offer and inside look at the creative processes of four New York City artists and invite dialogue from scholars, artists, and the public.

Cheryl Donegan and Terence Gower
Cheryl Donegan's preferred media are video and painting, and her recurrent points of refernce film, MTV video, modern decor, and the mass media. Terence Gower is a Canadian conceptual artist who has created numerous projects addressing the problem of display in galleries and museums.

I was very excited to attend as I had Cheryl for my foundation drawing class. I still consider that class to be one of the most pivitol in my development as an artist. It was where I first truly engaged collage and really examined modernist art and space. Even to this day, I still reflect back on our sections dealing with Cubism and how it has impacted my work to-date.

In the class, we rarely talked about her own work. I think she rightly feared that many young students would look at her work and then try to immitate it, latch on, and try to become little versions of her. She instead focused on our work and our development as artists, instead of her own ego. So it was nice to see her talk about her work.

Although the attendence was a bit sparce due to the rainy weather, the talk was very engaging. I normally have a nasty habit of nodding off during lectures and panel discussions. I don't think I've ever sat through one entire lecture without falling asleep. But this was the first where I stayed completely awake and alert the whole time.

The dynamic between the two artists was genuine and cultivated. It was easy to tell that they had a developed repoire with one another and that the ideas they were discussing were ones that were of relevance. This wasn't two strangers reading lines from prepared statements. This was a meeting of two artists, talking about art, their work and how they make what they do. It was indeed, very intimate.

I am also looking forward to the next talk they have scheduled with Tony Ousler and Constance DeJong On November 8th.

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