Friday, October 27, 2006

Studio Update 2...

Since I've been a little sick lately, I haven't been able to spend very much time in the studio. It's annoying because I'm working on some rather challenging projects which need my attention. But I know that if I keep pushing myself too hard, I'll get even sicker and will eventually lose out on more studio time.

So, I've made a few visits here or there to take care of the largest of the collages yet. I'm very excited about the process. It's very physically demanding making these larger pieces. Moving larger amounts of medium around and physically pulling things into place, while keeping perfectly balanced, so as to not rip the delicate wet papers. Very taxing.

Here are some images from my studio:

As it can be easily seen, the latest collage takes up a good portion of the studio's floor.

I've "recycled" some fairly new material, including this past week's submission for Illustration Friday.

The biggest concern at this point is storage and how I'll be able to keep such large works without damaging them. Since they are all works on paper, they have an inherent fragility that needs to be taken in account.

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