Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Studio Update...

I've been working really hard in the studio lately. Dealing with the larger pieces has been a real challenge. It has been very rewarding, but I'm still tackling some issues.

This is another really large piece. I'm not sure of the exact size yet, as I'm still adding to it. So far, I've had to adjust the colors a couple different times. Before there were these HUGE yellow horizontal stripes. I then tried to slim them down and eventually did a dry-brush of red over them to sort of tone down the in your face feel.

In this picture, you can see me running into issues of storage. The other very large piece is rolled up and put in the corner. It's the only way that I can keep working large - constantly putting things away.

This is a rather strange picture. In it, you can see some strange light-form. I think it's from the reflection of the ceiling light and perhaps some combination with the flash. Who knows? Maybe it's a ghost of a former SVA student.

In the corner, I put up some Maplethrope pictures. I find the photographs of the flowers far more sensual and erotic than the nudes he took. They are an inspiration to my work, especially my earlier work where I painted orchids.

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mjc said...

That photo is perfect for this week's topic!

Anyway your submission is very interesting ;)