Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway Finale...

After I finished up at the studio, I got a few supplies for our viewing party. Chocolate, wine, and chips! Sheila met me at 'Wichcraft and we shared a fried egg sandwich before heading over to Ope's. We've been so busy these past couple of weeks that we haven't really been able to watch. But Ope has TiVo and we caught up on the last couple of episodes.

My friend Tommy also stopped by and joined in on the fun.

It was quite a lot of fun to watch the finale. I kept looking extra hard to see if we could see either Sheila or I on the show. We were lucky enough to attend the runway show a few weeks ago.

Our predictions were accurate, as we had thought that either Jeffery or Uli would win. Seeing their collections live really made you just "know" that Jeffery would take the prize.

Afterwards we watched Top Chef! I just adore that show to bits. Though this season is very raunchy and it's only the first episode. We're going to start up Top Chef nights and do a little cooking as well.

I stayed out so late and enjoyed myself so much that I ended up falling asleep on the train home and ended up like 12 stops past my own! Eek! But it was actually quite nice outside and the views were an unexpected treat. I should have thought to take some pictures, but alas... sometimes I get so swept up in the moment that I don't even think of such things.


Cynthia Thornton said...

Hi. I missed both Top Chef and Project Runway, how irritating! They sound good, but I don't like Jeffrey.

Andrew Thornton said...

I think in the last episode, it showed more of a whole picture of who Jeffery is. It shows him as a father and someone who's dealt with drug addiction. I think that the editing can be a nasty thing. And every show needs a villain.