Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Tonight during our Monday Night Senior Workshop, Suzanne Anker (SVA's fine art chair and my "home-room professor") was out due to being in Berlin. No specific reason was given, so I'll have to do a little digging and find out later. Though who wouldn't want to go to the new up-and-coming hip art city? I've actually had thoughts of moving out to Berlin once I finish up my undergrad. It seems impossibly risky and like a substitution for the New York I've grown to love and hate... but who knows?

So, Suzanne was out and her substitute was none other than Amy Wilson. I wasn't familiar with her in person or her name at first, however, there's a picture of her up on my blog! I had snapped a couple of pictures at the ArtLab 23 launch and she was in a couple of the shots. Funny that. It's also kind of funny because I had seen her work and been to a couple of her shows before, and didn't connect the name with the face or the work with the face or name.

Here's another picture of her that I had previously deleted since it was (at the time) of this random stranger and just of her. I dug it up out of the trash file after I met with her earlier this evening and connected all the dots.

Her work can be seen on her website: Click here.

We had a really great conversation about my work and its relation with psychadelic art. She teaches a class here at SVA called, Under the Influence: Art History and Altered States of Consciousness, which deals with the creation of art in the relationship with drugs, alcohol, religion, and mental illness. I've heard only positive reviews of this class and wish that I could fit it into my schedule.

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