Monday, January 27, 2014

Radiant Orchid Challenge Mystery Component Reveal...

When I'm putting together the Challenge Kits, one of the things that I like to include is a Mystery Component.  It's a fun little surprise that is usually composed of a handmade component by me!  No one knows what the component will be until it arrives at their doorstep!  Once it gets there, participants are instructed not to share what it is until the Mystery Component Reveal date!

Today is the day!

For the Radiant Orchid Challenge, I enclosed two torch-fired enameled beads!  It took a little experimentation to get the color just right, but I think they turned out nice!  Participants can use them in their Challenge piece or completely ignore them.  It's up to them!

Participants will reveal their creations in the blog hop scheduled for February 27th!  CLICK HERE for all the details and to see what else was included in the kit!

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